Human Resources

A company is first and foremost its People. And we, at Bennett, know this very well.

The human factor is the driving force behind every activity we do, at all levels of strategic planning, production and product management.

As a purely people-centric company, we invest in the "People Factor" in every way: we promote initiative, creativity and imagination, instilling our vision in our employees so that they work towards its realization by making the most of their own skills and abilities.

Bennett's rapid growth is also reflected in its human resources, which, within a decade, has multiplied, counting now more than 190 employees.

By ensuring employee-friendly working conditions, Bennett gives everyone the opportunity to develop their personalities and aim for advancement, linking their personal development to the company itself. At the same time, it ensures that sufficient time off is provided to maintain the all-important work-life balance.

In the big Bennett family, every employee matters, which is why we take care to constantly provide incentives for personal improvement and equal opportunities for continuous training through lifelong learning, thus fostering self-esteem and self-respect. Because, above all, we want our People to feel privileged to be part of the Bennett workforce.

A common philosophy, shared ethical principles and a common code of conduct are the elements that unite us, pushing us from the very beginning to make a difference in the Greek and international pharmaceutical market.